Monday, April 25, 2011

S-MWQ Special News 110425

Michael White & Leisei Chen @Alice Coltrane Tribute Concert, Royce Hall UCLA
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April 25th, 2011
Dear Friends & Fans, 

Trust all is well with you and yours. 

Beginning our newsletter 2011 on the JAZZ APPRECIATION MONTH! We are fully alive and well! We formed TEAM MWQ, a group of Musicians/Band Members, Bookings/Managements, Representatives, Advocates, Press & Media, Royal Fans, Street Teams and more, who bring their innovative masterful talents, exquisite expertise, unyielding supports and diligent work together to support the MWQ's endeavors worldwide. We are meeting people along the way joining the TEAM for our joyful JAZZ ADVENTURES! We are looking forward to report through our newsletters in the coming months! In SYNC With The UNIVERSE, We Encounter Splendiferous Events Every Step Of The Way * . * Miraculously!

Come Join Our NEW Sites: 

The Open Gate Theatre Presents Sunday Evening Concert Series 
feat. Michael White Quintet UNIT2 
Sunday May 1st, 2011 : 7 PM - 9:30PM
@ Center of The Arts, Eagle Rock
2225 COLORADO BLVD. Los Angeles
tel. 626.795.4989
General Admission: $10 : Students, Seniors, Series Performers: $5 with valid ID at door
Free street parking is available, and there is also parking available at the Bank of America parking lot.
"Let LOVE Be Your Magic Carpet"
Michael White Quintet UNIT2
Michael White - Violin 
Leisei Chen - Vocals-Voice-Percussion 
Timothy Young - Guitar 
Jon Ossman - Acoustic Bass
Danny Frankel - Percussion 

The Concert will be filmed by Andrew Van Baal followed by an Interview session!

CD "Voices" $15, CD "Voice Of Brazil" $10 
On Sale At This Show. We Accept Credit Cards!
More Information Visit Facebook Event Posting

Mi2N Featuring The MWQ Press Release On The Upcoming Newsletter
MICHAEL WHITE QUINTET: UNIT 2 PERFORMS MAY 1 AT THE CENTER FOR THE ARTS, EAGLE ROCK > See the PR  Thank you TEAM MWQ Kristy for her beautiful PR work! Also it was featured on All About Jazz, Jazz Reviews, eJazz News, and many LA local press outlets. More press/media supports are coming for the concert! Along with our royal fans are coming from out of state just for this concert! Truly Blessed!

Michael White Featured On Vanguard Jazz Society
"Michael White...from Oakland, California, USA!...straight ahead and avant-garde jazz violinist, arranger, and composer!...storied, imaginative, apocryphal precedence, and improvised musical sustainability!...generally performs in Western Europe, Northern Africa, Oceania, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Brazil, and the continental United States!..Michael White is also a fan of Vanguard Jazz Society!"

The "Vanguard" is defined as the "advance guard". This is the English adjective form of the French word "avant- garde". Our vision is to push and "advance" the boundaries of jazz music and the journey thru education and development. Thank You DAVID PAYNE Our Royal Fan!
CD Reissued Michael White's Elektra Albums
Michael's albums "X-Factor" & "White Night" have been reissued by Wounded Bird Records in New York in November 2010. We will feature a song from the X-factor "Let LOVE Be Your Magic Carpet" on our upcoming LIVE concert!!! Blogged by theurbanflux : BUY X-FACTOR : BUY WHITE NIGHT 
KPFA-Berkeley Air-Played From Our Album Voices
FOUR-Hour special show on April 9th with Horace Mansfield "Point Of Departure" KPFA 94.1FM-Berkeley played a song from our album "Voices" - "My One And Only Love" Download : Buy VOICES . Also he played our friend Rickey Kelly's Song "His Love" from "Here's To Good People", Michael as a band member. Both Songs Are SHEER BEAUTY & SPIRIT NURTURERS!

A Live Recorded Song For The Celebration!
With the Jazz Appreciation Month, we are celebrating Leisei's Birthday 4/26 with Jazz Master Artists Billie Holiday 4/7, Ella Fitzgerald 4/25 and Duke Ellington 4/29.  * . * We are uploading a song from our recent LIVE PERFORMANCE on April 28th exclusively for the ReverbNation fans!!! Visit MWQ ReverbNation
Thank you For Supporting LIVE JAZZ!
Please Spread The Word And Love For Our Band & Concert!!

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Love. Healing. Inspiration. Hope. Joy as Supplement.
Leisei Chen & Michael White
of the Michael White Quintet, and the owners of D-Magnets Publishing and ShopSerenade

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