Friday, July 22, 2005

Serenade News vol.3-07

The Spirit of Summer Bliss
Full moon gets as close as our planet earth.
Peace and Serenity be with us all here and now.

Our musical endeavors are moving forward . . . .

01 - Relocating Our Home In US

We are in process of moving into Bay Area, Oakland in particular.
We feel that our projects desire a fresh vibe and space.
Thank you to our friends, who are looking a good place!

02 - Website Renewal

Any Comments, Questions, Reviews are greatly appreciated.

03 - CD sales and promotions on CD Baby

This opened us to many unexpected opportunities.
Toss to CD Baby! Please visit Our CD pages.

: : Serenade-MWQ CD Gallery

: : CD voices - michael white

: : CD voice of brazil - leisei chen

:::::: You can write Reviews > on the bottom of each CD page

04 - Serenade Recording Project

Now we are set to record Project Serenade.
Original Compositions + Jazz Classics + Latin, Beautiful Song Stylings, Visionary Concepts.

Thank you for your support!

All The Best

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