Friday, September 16, 2005

Serenade News vol.3-09

Trust All Is Well With You And Yours.
The harvest time is so close.

Our musical endeavors are moving forward . . . .

01 - The Katarina Disaster Relief Fund

We are donating all profits of our CD “Voices” and “Voice of Brazil” (Up to 5 CD each.) to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund through CD Baby. By listening to music, you can also help those in need!

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02 - Web Update


Our "top" page has changed to "Serenade-MWQ". MWQ means Michael White Quintet. Our primary focus is live performing locally as well as internationally. " Shop Serenade" became a little bit sophisticated as the online CD shop. Using Paypal for you to buy our CDs safe & secure. As you are seeing now, we have launched the new blog. Join us in writings!

03 - LP Reissue

We are So excited to announce that one of Michael White's master piece LPs, "The Land of Spirit and Light"-impulse!- will be reissued by the Verve Music Group on 09/27/05. The LPR=LP Reproduction category, means the original artwork and liner notes will be exactly produced into the CD formats. Michael White said that the spirit and essence of music in " The Land of Spirit and Light " led to the most recent CD "Voices". The Timeless, Ageless, Borderless Cosmic Groove. Salute!

Double Happiness!
Happen to be our marriage anniversary will be on 9/25.
The celebration may be on 9/26 . . . . . . . maybe . . .

04 - CD Reviews

Write-Read Reviews

Below CD reviews of "Voices" are posted on CD Baby.
Thank you Steve & K. Davis!

Reviewer: steve wilson
There's much radiant warmth and intelligence on display on this cd, with outstanding playing, particularly from Michael White and Tim Young, throughout. Some of my favorite things (so far) - 'Circumambulation'; the parts of 'Serenade' with the violin uncannily doubling Leisei Chen's voice, 'Mechanical Man'... Unlike many recordings, the louder you turn it up, the better and clearer it sounds! Very enjoyable, I'm glad I found out about Michael White, and 'Voices'.

Reviewer: k davis
loved all of it;
loved all of it particularly voices,serenade and fiesta. i hope there is more coming from mr white.

05 - For Media, Tour Managers, Booking Agencies, Artistic Producers.

Please view Michael White Quintet's Electronic Press Kit

Feel free to write your comments, love to hear your voices.

All The Best.


Anonymous said...
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kaila said...

wonderful wonderful... good about Land of Spirit and Light, Nehez read online that Pneuma also would be rereleased? hugs from us,, Kai